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July 24, 2011
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CC Ref - Flutter and Moth by TallestSky CC Ref - Flutter and Moth by TallestSky
Flutter (primary) and Moth (secondary)! Two new characters for :iconchernobyl-curs:, since I decided not to use Colt.

Both will be fighting as a team, though Flutter will probably be doing most of the dirty work. Moth is her backup if things get too rough, though he's a lousy fighter.

REALLY bad quality reference, but it's a bit rushed.
Still, it's good enough. Here's the rest of the info;

(Hopefully this one won't need much editing, if any at all.)

Name: Butterfly "Flutter"

Breed Base: Azawakh

Age: 3 Years

Gender: Female

Abilities: Does having silent eye-contact conversations with her brother count? If so, then let me explain; it's not telepathy of any real kind. It MIGHT be considered Empathy but on a very restricted level. If given a moment, Flutter and Moth can share intentions, thoughts, emotions and decisions just by making eye contact. It's simply something they learned to do after living together for so long and relying on eachother for so much. When forced to make a decision, Flutter will often look towards Moth for his unspoken advice. This gets creepy around people who don't know them, as they tend to forget to speak. It's borderline Empathy crossed with Telepathy but it only works when making eye-contact and only with Moth. So yeah, I guess MAYBE it's considered a power. Yeah. Probably.

Strengths: Quick, Durable, Light on her Feet

Weaknesses: Not very strong, Very short, fine fur does little to protect from bites and cuts, quite prone to muscle cramps.

Personality: Happy and bouncy, it's hard to suspect Flutter to have a mean bone in her body. Surprisingly, though, she has a sort of fetish for fighting. Though not the best fighter in the world, Flutter's known to pick many fights, even as many as six in one day. She's daring, bold, but shy around people she doesn't know. She's not easy to impress, and unlike her brother she's not the type to look before leaping. Very rash and notably random, Flutter's best described as being... Flutter.

History: There's not much known publicly about the Moth and Flutter pair. Something must've brought them together as more than just your average sibling pair, though, because these two are never seen apart. They arrived in Pripyat not a few months before the current tornament was announced, taking refuge in an abandoned storm cellar and not really making themselves very well known. Little is known about their life before moving into Pripyat, though Flutter's not afraid to share a few details if eventually asked.

Likes: Butterflies, Moths, Dragonflies, Rain, Storms, Fire, Bloodshed (someone else's, not her own), Being Praised, her brother Moth, Rainbows, Leeches and New Spring Grass.

Dislikes: Smoke, Cats, Strangers, Bloodshed (her own), Being Scolded, Losing (She gets super pouty if she loses a fight or contest), Snow, Heights and Rats.

Name: Moth

Breed Base: Azawakh

Age: 3 Years

Gender: Male

Abilities: A semi-telepathic/empathic connection with Flutter that allows the pair to share emotional responses in various situations, such as decisions, opinions and intentions, among other varying things as mentioned above. Again, not a very strong ability but it's something the pair have learned to do and all they need to do is make eye contact. The longer their eyes are locked, the more they can share. If eye contact is broken for whatever reason, their connection will be severed.

Strengths: Stronger than his sister (slightly), Fast, Light Footed

Weaknesses: Not nearly as durable as Flutter, Slows down quite a bit if injured (mostly due to a past injury in his left hind leg), Short fur does little to protect him from injury, also prone to muscle cramps.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, Moth is a polar opposite to his sister. He hates confrontation (though sadly he deals with it constantly, thanks to Flutter's rash behaviour), is easily stressed and would rather just sit back and enjoy a cool spring morning doing absolutely nothing. He's not lazy so much as he's laid-back. He's very protective of Flutter and will often scold her for her in-you-face behaviour, fearing for her safety. Down-To-Earth and Subtle, Moth tends to stay on the sidelines.

History: See Flutter's History.

Likes: Warm Days, Rain, Butterflies, Moths, Songbirds, Storms, Swimming, Rats, His sister Flutter, Being left alone, Reading (or at least, trying to read) Books.

Dislikes: Cats, the Cold, Snow, Confrontation, Fighting, Bloodshed (of any kind), Strangers, Smoke, Comic Books, Crowds, Leeches

Other: Moth and Flutter are, as suspected at times, a couple. Yes, it's incest, but their relationship is more emotional than physical. Moth is easily made jealous if someone flirts with his sister, as is the same with Flutter if someone does the same to Moth. The two go no where apart, not since they were pups.

Oh, and why are they in the tornament?
Why else? Flutter thought it'd be a great, fun idea to join! Moth is just along for the ride. Neither of them actually care about the prize.
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Gleadless Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Azawakh! :D ahamed to say that the Azawakh features in my dog are all to do with his insides :c outside he's a typical fox terrier. I must say I love your designs though <3 sibling dogs ftw! :3
Interesting choice of breed, and I like their ability. Can't wait to see your audition! =D
AmiliaLongTail Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very cool! I'm interested in the relationship you've set up between them. Will be neat to see were it goes~

Best of luck, my friend :tea:
Shinkoryu14 Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, Songdog contacted me on skype. We did receive your most recent submission a few minutes ago but nothing before that. The group messaging system must have glitched, sorry for the inconvenience.

We've reviewed your reference and everything checks out. Best we'll add Moth and Flutter to the group and we look forward to your audition.
Awesome. Thanks! :D

Yeah, it must've been either a glitch or my own blond moment or something.
Songdog-StrayFang Jul 27, 2011  Student Writer
I like the idea behind these too, very interesting. Something yo wouldn't normally see. Have these two been submitted yet?
I believe I submitted them but I never heard back. :/
Songdog-StrayFang Jul 27, 2011  Student Writer
Did you try to submit it privately? Most people post their submissions on the front page, didn't see yours there. I found yours by browsing randomly on DA.
I submitted it (maybe again :/ Not sure) in the main folder just now, as well as the references folder (mess up the first time x:) so it should be there now if it didn't work the last few times. :/
Songdog-StrayFang Jul 27, 2011  Student Writer
I don't quite understand what you mean ^^; You mean you're trying to submit it to the group folders, yes?

Here, why don't I just send it to the host herself for you. I talk to her on Skype ^^;
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